46103 MillerTP292 $12,000Speiss Feeder, Perfects 1/1, Running Register
46404 HamadaH234C2  Two color press
47101 Hamada 34LS III2337,500 13"x18",Push Guide, 220v
473011983HeidelbergGTOZP249 millionMake offerCrestline Dampeners, running regularly
47303 AB Dick98502 $6,000Thead, Kompac II damp, Astro Env Feeder, Airtech Powder
47319 Toko47502 $3503 ink rollers plus Thead
48101 AB Dick9985   2 color press -- in good running condition
563101960sHeidelbergwindmill1 $1,500Redball. Some accessories also available
56405 ABDick 9810 w/env feed1  W/120Envelope Feeder; single color pres
684011989UniplatenModel 106   27"x41", in good running condition, variable speed
76104 GTI EVS Viewer2028   4 color viewing station, 20"x28", 5000 Kelvin
763262002Glunz & Jensen Super-Eco CTP  $9,500CTP,25?x29" max, 20 plates per hour, 1323 lbs
78104 LinotypeLinotronic 630   17"x19", 3200 dpi, internal drum,
783022016D&K LaminatorDouble Kote 14,000 Like new, run two weeks, includes jogger & feeder
85207 Nygren-Dahly5 hole punch  $1900 obohydraulic, heavy duty, 2 1/2" bits,OSHA Approved
853021996StahlTD-78  $32,5008 units, perfs/scores/slits/tips. 30" wide
87101 Seybold CKB-P   41" Cutter. In good working order- Make An Offer
87301 ChallengeMCPB305  $4,000power backgauge, extra hydraulic cylinder, good condition
874011998Kirk-Rudy215 3 Million Label base w/203 Tip On head, Excellent condition
87407Mid 70sHans Muller235  $14,500Saddle Sitcher, 8 pockets, 251 Trimmer, no issues
87409 Ledco42" Laminator   Sturdy Design, Up to 30 fpm, SwingAway Cleaning
87414 USI LaminatorARL Digital   with Key Lock and Fans, 3 mil film and options available
87415 GBC laminator7361   High Speed 40' Laminator, Pile Feed,good working order
88102 Challenge cutterChampion    30.5 inch cutter, working, standard machine
88103 Watkiss collatorVario   10 bins, autoprogrammable, table top,
88106 Challengedrill single head   this is an older model but works well. Only $120 exsite
88107 ClarkPower Jack   Battery operated power jack. Easy lift
88118 Stimpson Grommet489   Nice grommet machine, pneumatic, great for tags
881232012Epic CoaterCT-660A   almost new-- (UV, Aqueous, Sapphire, Scratch-pff) coater
88124 DeltaV06   large paper drill with automatic conveyor for faster drilling
88125 Kudo AceModel 1000 IIII   35"x50" heavy duty jogger with creaser -- a real timesaver
884071992MBO Continuous23"x50"   Continuous Feed, good condition, in closed shop
891012006Count Accucreaser   Touch Controls, perf&score, High speed
89102 MBM CollatorFC10   10 bins, touch controls, stand included
97402 Ludlow    some furniture
98105 Dongan3 phase trans.   480 v. connects to anything
99104 Horauf3 knife trimmer   offline trimmer, 20 cycles pm, excellent condition
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